Brilliant Burns returns to form with marathon 171 | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Joe Burns has posted an impressive century in his first Marsh Sheffield Shield game since being axed by national selectors, dragging Queensland to a total of 275 against Tasmania in Hobart

  • Dr Destroy
    Dr Destroy

    Wow this guys a gun, he should play for Australia.

  • hardworkingtaxpayer

    A bit too late, urns has shown he's out of his depth playing test cricket

  • Frodo Shaggins
    Frodo Shaggins

    Good to see after a really bad run of things, on ya burnsy

  • New Bie
    New Bie

    he is good but against India he always got peaches early in the innings

  • Gautam Borah
    Gautam Borah

    lol australia is not playing test matches till nov..burns to burnol

  • GaRdZ

    It's one thing to do it at state level and a total different thing to do it at international level. The gap between Sheffield shield and international level is widening every year.

  • WantonMyth

    Burns will keep knocking on that door until they can't refuse again. Just like another QLD opener of days past

  • shahnawaz ansari
    shahnawaz ansari

    No benefit of hundred......I don't think he deserved the place....against India and before that series, his performance were very poor.... Same issue with Mitchell starc

  • Clifford Schutt
    Clifford Schutt

    Burns back into the Aus team now

  • Subin P
    Subin P

    Burning to come back in national team..! Burns

  • vivek prasad
    vivek prasad

    Flat pitch.

  • cd n
    cd n

    125 runs in his last 12 innings for Queensland, Australia A and Australia. This is return to form.

  • kunal verma
    kunal verma

    Joe burns ko to bumrah ne khatam kar diya

  • martin radcliffe
    martin radcliffe

    Still a better bet as a test player than the likes of Harris and Head.

  • Niranjan Kumar
    Niranjan Kumar

    Webster was bowling offies in big bash and in this match medium pace ,even got 3 wickets.. wow 🙏🙏

    • Nathaniel Bertram
      Nathaniel Bertram

      In bbl he was bowling a bit of both lol

  • jayanth s
    jayanth s

    Poor selection from cricket Australia .not given chance to Burns.and how many chances given to the Finch he is in worst form

    • Nathaniel Bertram
      Nathaniel Bertram

      He’d scored 125 runs in his past 12 innings and they still gave him a chance and finch was in great form for t20i and odi’s just not for renegades

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    This innings will give him some relief after some poor performance against India.

    • cd n
      cd n

      And the first half of the Shield season. Where he post 4 single figures score for Queensland.

  • Will Pucovski
    Will Pucovski

    I’m ten trillion times better keep him away

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest

    this guy cant imitate this in green and gold jersey for some reason.

    • cd n
      cd n

      Not in form, was out of form since the beginning of this Shield season.

  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Burns can finally give some batting advice to Prithvi Shaw 😂😂😂

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      buuny gamming pubg mobile

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  • Techno Manas
    Techno Manas


  • JR Cricketer Selim
    JR Cricketer Selim

    Burns beautiful player of

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    free fire gamers

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    • Simon Mahoney
      Simon Mahoney

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  • HaXzz Evolved
    HaXzz Evolved

    Can’t perform at the highest level tho

    • J bruv23
      J bruv23

      Fortnite kid 😂 probs watched a week of cricket

    • Gaz's POV fishing
      Gaz's POV fishing

      Sure he can, has scored 4 test centuries and numerous 50's.


    Burns in Domestic Cricket - 🦁🦁 Burns in Test Cricket - 🐀🐀 😂😂😂

    • Rajat Dwivedi
      Rajat Dwivedi

      @Snigaty in 23 matches not a good stat

    • Rajat Dwivedi
      Rajat Dwivedi

      he got his form back in the previous year he didnt get runs in both test matches and sheffield matches

  • Jaipuri Cloth House
    Jaipuri Cloth House

    Burns burn the opposition teams bowlers in Sheffield shield and in Australia burns burn by opposition team bowlers 😂😂😂

    • Rafaqat Siddiqui
      Rafaqat Siddiqui

      Hahaha good point bro

  • KL Rahul
    KL Rahul

    What a classic century made by this Australian player """"

  • The Hurricane
    The Hurricane


  • Russell Charleston
    Russell Charleston

    joe 8 burns

  • Aditya Shakya
    Aditya Shakya

    Labhuchgne ka score dekh rhe h hm 😂😂😂

  • History with Yadav
    History with Yadav

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      buuny gamming pubg mobile

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  • AFL galore Cooper
    AFL galore Cooper

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  • Gaming With Shridhar
    Gaming With Shridhar

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    • Ďhýãñåm Mĕhțä
      Ďhýãñåm Mĕhțä


  • SDW_Chaitanya !
    SDW_Chaitanya !

    Wow this lad has some real talent! Unfortunate to see that he got dropped from the australian team

    • Al mac
      Al mac

      @Will Pucovski yes you are better.

    • ISHFLY

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    • ISHFLY

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    • Will Pucovski
      Will Pucovski

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  • Prince Sharma
    Prince Sharma


  • Vijit Chauhan
    Vijit Chauhan

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