Bulls bowlers impress but Jewell shines bright | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Queensland found regular wickets on day one at Blundstone Arena, but Tasmania's Caleb Jewell was the star for the hosts as he posted his maiden century in the Marsh Sheffield Shield

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      Navanith Rosh kittodiyil

      No one ,just u😂

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    Swabian Sports

    ایڈمن آپ سے اور آپ کے تمام دوستوں ممبرز سے گزارش ہے کہ میرا چینل کو سبسکرائب کرے شکریہ 💜❤️💛💙💚کرکٹ زندہ باد 💚💙💛❤️💜

  • Christopher McCann
    Christopher McCann

    Who the f**k is the umpire at the northern end? 2 absolute stinker decisions. The absolute state of first class umpiring in Australia...

  • Bsgrjsbr Sqdbarj
    Bsgrjsbr Sqdbarj

    Kuhnemann’s first first class wicket.... takes the test skipper

  • Bsgrjsbr Sqdbarj
    Bsgrjsbr Sqdbarj

    Should include dropped catches... and not repeats of the same delivery 😂

  • RiskyTby-

    dididn;'t even show jewll getting his hundred smh

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan

    Is there a live feed of this available during the day?

    • Goosie Gill
      Goosie Gill

      Go to the cricket app or cricket Australia on safari or something sign in and then you can watch a free live stream

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    Soumen Chatterjee

    I subscribed to this channel because of channel 9

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    Soumen Chatterjee

    94 overs in a day that's very impressive almost 16 overs per hour

    • Soumen Chatterjee
      Soumen Chatterjee

      @Kaleb Bland76 but still 94 overs is pretty impressive in test matches we only get through 85 to 88 overs in a day very rarely we see 90 overs being bowled in a day in test matches

    • Kaleb Bland76
      Kaleb Bland76

      They’re meant to get through 96 per day in the Sheffield Shield

  • Soumen Chatterjee
    Soumen Chatterjee

    My favourite stadium in Australia coz of its surroundings

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  • yeej

    stekete is awful

    • yeej

      @Charlie Genders he wouldn't of even got a bowl in that test LOL

    • Charlie Genders
      Charlie Genders

      He made the Aussie test team you dipshit

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    Ravi Shukla

    Just how many of you love Mark Steketee's action. It just seems so fluent

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    ‘Plays a cut shot’ commentator: “nice flick of the wrists” 👍

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    Rishabh Pant

    Who eagerly waiting for IPL?

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      Not me. Prefer longer form of game!

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    Aahhh yes... The Australian ranji trophy

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      Wouldn't be a comment section on a cricket channel without an indian somehow relating it to india

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      Shikhar Saxena

      @shikhar govil indeed

    • shikhar govil
      shikhar govil

      but the difference is that many international stars are also playing this.

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes

    5:00 Webster got dudded. Missing leg by a mile.

    • Ike Broflovski
      Ike Broflovski

      Look, Steve Buckner agrees, the umpire made a perfect call.

    • bluer blue
      bluer blue

      I did the double take on that one had to replay it and that was definitely hitting another set of stumps down leg

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    How many people are from tamilnadu 😁👍 🙄🙄hit like 😎

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    Who is like Australia cricket

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    *Ek like maa papa ke liye ek*

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      Chup aik dam chup

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    Who are all eagerly waiting for Ipl auction 💪💪🔥🔥

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      @Anurag Gautam 💯✓

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      Anurag Gautam

      Who cares for player auctions, we indians already know that our cricketers are already sold to the govt. 😂

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      Sanjay kr Sarkar

      I'm not waiting. I've no time to watch auction.

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      Max Avery

      Wrong video

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    Sakshi B

    *Ek like maa ke liye*

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    Nitin sharma

    Reporter= faf tell us how many Indians will miss u in the south African test matches Faf=👇

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    Sakshi B

    *एक लाईक ईस👉🇮🇳 तिरंगा के लिए❤️*


    England - Dying India - Fighting Australia - Praying New Zealand - Chilling 😎 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Bob Willis
      Bob Willis

      We need Burns back in form, he has always been that player who gets a few runs but no more than that

    • That Ellipsis Guy
      That Ellipsis Guy

      @shreyas dakshinamurthy as long as it’s not a draw...

    • shreyas dakshinamurthy
      shreyas dakshinamurthy

      After test championship finals eng have bright future. Root builting the team

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    Sakshi B

    *Any school and college student is here*

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