Sizzling Stanlake terrorises Tigers with bouncer barrage | Marsh Cup 2020-21
Overlooked for Australian T20 squad inclusion and an Indian Premier League deal in recent weeks, Billy Stanlake devastated Tasmania with a bumper onslaught, taking 4-24 in Queensland’s Marsh One-Day Cup opener in Hobart

  • Ekilpz Dripz
    Ekilpz Dripz


  • scottterwiel

    Billy should be in the t20 team. Anynother country he would make the test team too. He has a little bit of that harmison whip about him. Aussie cricket is a dissaster a.t.m.

    • Samir Paul
      Samir Paul

      Comparing Billy with Harmy?

  • Sadie Roberts
    Sadie Roberts

    The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    Well done Billy handbrake

  • Shortcut Romeo
    Shortcut Romeo

    Don't worry bcci is ready for banned your action boycott to bcci about banned in bowler action

  • Aniket Raj
    Aniket Raj

    Rohit Sharma : ab maza ayega n bhidu

  • amarnath reddy
    amarnath reddy

    Better than Tom curran

  • Zeedan Ismail
    Zeedan Ismail

    Instead of Spending 15cr on Jamieson, RCB would have bought Stanlake for a much cheaper price. Both of them are somewhat of the same dimension, tall and expertised in bowling bouncers.

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs

      @Zeedan Ismail He is absolutely al all-rounder. He averages 56 in tests. Now obviously that will go down once he's played more than 6 but he is a very handy batsman. He's also better than Stanlake. I'm a Stars fan and Stanlake really hasn't been that good. He's quite overrated

    • Zeedan Ismail
      Zeedan Ismail

      @Mridul Dhyani no he isn't

    • Mridul Dhyani
      Mridul Dhyani

      Jamieson allrounder hai Billy nhi

  • Akhitash Tippana
    Akhitash Tippana

    What About Aus vs NZ highlights !

  • Arslan K
    Arslan K

    Iss Sajjan ko kis baat ka gussa hy bhai 🤣

    • Niranjan D
      Niranjan D

      IPL contract nahi mila

  • Adil Ali
    Adil Ali

    He should be in the aus team

  • Raheel Hussain
    Raheel Hussain

    Stanlake can do what Kyle Jamieson is doing in test.

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Ayush Raj Yes, I know you didn't say that.

    • Ayush Raj
      Ayush Raj

      @Ahmed Ayaat When did I say Jamieson can't bowl fast or doesn't bowl fast ? I just said that Stanlake has got more pace and can potentially do well in test cricket, as a complement to Mr. Raheel's opinion

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Ayush Raj FYI, when Jamieson debuted against India, he barely crossed 130. Now bowls 135+. Great workload, just look at his test average, unplayable in NZ. Would love to see how he would feature in WTC final, his first international match away, not only Test. Economy is great too 👍🏻

    • Ayush Raj
      Ayush Raj

      @Ahmed Ayaat Obviously more pace , less control

    • Ahmed Ayaat
      Ahmed Ayaat

      @Ayush Raj And Jamieson has far better line and length.


    Ms dhoni Jai Indian cricket good

  • Malachi Rodrigues
    Malachi Rodrigues

    I will not forget that he hit a boundary in the last ball against Mumbai Indians


      Same low total on this match commentator- stanlake what you have done just 😅

  • Rushikesh Patil
    Rushikesh Patil

    Paine wants to become next T20 captain but he will fail again

    • Sammy Mac
      Sammy Mac

      no he doesnt leave him alone he said he doesnt want to play t20s for aus

  • piyush kingaonkar
    piyush kingaonkar


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  • Seyed Ibrahim
    Seyed Ibrahim

    Why Paine is batting in left handed

  • Razor_Reyz

    Don't understand why he was left out of the Aus t20 squad vs NZ last time he played NZ in a t20 match he destroyed them

    • Lkue Luek Luck Lkeu
      Lkue Luek Luck Lkeu

      @Razor_Reyz yeah also gg to nz

    • Razor_Reyz

      @Lkue Luek Luck Lkeu Yep and Stanlake wasn't part of that squad either, would've been a handful in the t20 game lastnight vs NZ the hagley park pitch in Chch was quick and bouncy NZ won btw haha....

    • Lkue Luek Luck Lkeu
      Lkue Luek Luck Lkeu

      @Rohan Andicot when the squad was made those players were meant to be in South Africa test series

    • Rohan Andicot
      Rohan Andicot

      Not only him many players of Aus are missing (some experienced ones too Warner ,Starc,Cummins, Hazelwood ,Smith ik Smith and Hazelwood or Cummins might not be that effective in t20s but today when the ball was swinging Aus needed services of the likes of Smith ,Hazelwood and Cummins)

  • EVIL Aakash
    EVIL Aakash

    Ise IPL me jaana chahiye tha

    • Laxmanth

      Unsold gaya

  • saurav kumar Dubey
    saurav kumar Dubey

    1:10 see u at gaba legend

  • Rahul Kandha V
    Rahul Kandha V

    RCB should have bought him instead of Jamieson

    • Ashik demonz
      Ashik demonz

      @Akash Akks ama la itha marantene🤭

    • Akash Akks
      Akash Akks

      @Ashik demonz epdi avaruku tamizh theriyumnu ungaluku theriyum ? 🙄🤔

    • Ashik demonz
      Ashik demonz

      @Kavita Jha auction register panalanu nenaikiren

    • Kavita Jha
      Kavita Jha

      @Ashik demonz He was released by SRH

    • Ashik demonz
      Ashik demonz

      He is already in srh

  • Maithili Hero
    Maithili Hero

    kon kon apne 🤱Maa ko respect karta hai vo Like karee

  • SV Cricket Platz
    SV Cricket Platz

    He deserved IPL contract

  • The Me Time
    The Me Time

    Stanlake is an excellent bowler and the strength of Australia in T20s. Who agrees?

    • ΑΞ ΞΣ
      ΑΞ ΞΣ

      He is not selected for NZ series

  • Jack


  • paras dhayal
    paras dhayal

    1minute ago

  • paras dhayal
    paras dhayal


  • international cricket
    international cricket

    Why he was not in test squad against ind🤷

  • Avinash Lella
    Avinash Lella

    Paine will play only well at Gabba 😉

  • VernalVaiking

    Stanlake is underrated!!

  • Abhijit Mahadik
    Abhijit Mahadik

    First view

  • Abhishek Raj
    Abhishek Raj

    First comment ❤️


    first one to comment

  • Khushi Entertainment
    Khushi Entertainment

    Good luck ❤️