Smith back to his idiosyncratic best in the Sheffield Shield | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Steve Smith only made seven in his Marsh Sheffield Shield return but entertained those watching on with his full array of amusing mannerisms as he batted against Victoria at the SCG

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma


  • Phil Teargas
    Phil Teargas

    Best yet

  • bishnu malla
    bishnu malla

    Looks like he is practising for sword fight in war🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • pranjal kumar
    pranjal kumar

    Meanwhile Marnus is practicing all this

  • Poojan Pandya
    Poojan Pandya

    haha the video is also of 49 seconds.

  • Utpal Rai
    Utpal Rai

    Bakchod smith

  • Cricket Stats!!
    Cricket Stats!!

    He is a cartoon

  • Manas Fn
    Manas Fn

    Smith losser

  • KenzoSuzuki Smith
    KenzoSuzuki Smith

    This looks so stupid for a top batsman to do. Reminds me of what Courtney Walsh did facing McGrath lol. I think this type of silliness that makes his batting look ugly along with blemish of openly cheating will prevent Smith being counted among words best Test batsman for all time. Doesn't matter what the average is if you are an comedy and an eye sore to watch.

  • sandeepa kasun
    sandeepa kasun

    0:49 IT IS OBVIOUS 7(46) 5(23) RR1.5

  • Sai Venkat Nagarala
    Sai Venkat Nagarala

    Is this australia cricket page or India's...comments filled with Indians

  • Abrajeethan அபராஜிதன்
    Abrajeethan அபராஜிதன்

    Acts like when a crab given a bat sometimes especially when moving sideways 😂

  • KR P
    KR P


  • BITTU kumar
    BITTU kumar


  • Vinay B
    Vinay B

    Sandpaper has got to his head..

  • Kishlay

    The video is 49 seconds long. So Steve Smith...

  • shubham tiwari
    shubham tiwari

    Definitely the best test player but Williamson is close though

  • Vishnu C Mohan
    Vishnu C Mohan

    Just unbelievable smithy

  • Bijan Wagle
    Bijan Wagle

    Smith goes ko Delhi capital

  • rade nayam
    rade nayam

    Cheating twat

  • rade nayam
    rade nayam

    Stupid prat no need for the exaggerated leaves

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko

    He's the only one who has made leaving balls outside off an art. He loves batting so much that every facet of batting , even leaving balls outside off is fun for him. Hes so caught up in his own happy bubble that trivial opinions of lesser cricket fans about him not looking elegant , don't bother him at all. I'm pretty sure he loves everything about his batting.

    • Bishal Singh
      Bishal Singh

      Yeah,hardly anyone understands that.He is just so into the cricket,he doesn't care who hates him or booing him. He keeps doing his own things. Talk to himself while batting,measuring the bouncer,shadow batting and all n all. Just loves batting so much.💕

  • Uzma Pathan
    Uzma Pathan


  • FlyingTaurus

    2013 - " Harlem Shake " 2021 - " Smith Shake "

  • Lata Ji
    Lata Ji

    Ordinary people Teri to kahkar longA Smith Teri to nach nachkar longa

  • Liam Howgate
    Liam Howgate

    Total cringe

  • Agent 108
    Agent 108

    Who is here after Smith Joins DC in ipl? ☺😃

  • M Abubakar official
    M Abubakar official

    Marnus if you are watching then plz Subscribe my channel 😂😂

  • Kavita Jaiswal
    Kavita Jaiswal

    Now Marnus is practicing the same 😂

  • lkshdby

    chutiya hi hai saala :P

    • Sheikh Abdul Rehman
      Sheikh Abdul Rehman

      Virat Lulli failed again....From No.2 to No.5 in Test Rankings

  • Below Average Golf
    Below Average Golf

    im sorry but this is too much


    He was just sold to delhi capitals in the ipl for about 300000 US dollars

  • Chan-777

    Needs a good hog piling

  • Ayush Jain
    Ayush Jain

    He is basically dancing, he is too bored.

  • Aniket Chodankar
    Aniket Chodankar

    What was that Bharatnatyam at the end 😳

  • venkadesh rajan
    venkadesh rajan

    Looks like shot on iPhone meme 😂😂

  • Chirag Birla
    Chirag Birla

    How many times the commentator spoke smith???

  • gajapati sunani
    gajapati sunani

    Cheater fixer😂

  • Jai Mahakal
    Jai Mahakal

    😂😂😂 comedy show

  • SibuG A.nBiswal
    SibuG A.nBiswal

    Not a cricketer😡

  • Yash Joshi
    Yash Joshi


  • Cricket Lover
    Cricket Lover

    It's like doing overacting

  • Waqas ahmad
    Waqas ahmad


  • manieram singh
    manieram singh

    Anyone noticed the video is 49 sec long same as his Jersey number...

  • Saket Shindikar
    Saket Shindikar

    Steve Ballet Smith...

  • Kaushal Sunal
    Kaushal Sunal


  • Kaushal Sunal
    Kaushal Sunal

    Pagal cricketer h smith

  • Kishor talukdar
    Kishor talukdar

    One of my Biggest ND favourite batsman

  • Suyash Sonawane
    Suyash Sonawane

    Total WEIRDO😂

  • Vivek Kekuda
    Vivek Kekuda

    Meanwhile Marnus: "write that down, write that down!"

    • Vivek

      Hahhahhahhaaha 🤣🤣😂

  • baburao golagani
    baburao golagani

    Smith ki sollu yekkuva

  • Kunal Gowda
    Kunal Gowda

    Oh god, symptoms are getting worse!

  • Jatinder Singh
    Jatinder Singh

    Coach : test cricket is about leaving the ball, not playing it. Smith: say no more 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aijaz Malik
    Aijaz Malik

    Looks alone there and needs a dancing partner.... Think it’s all about being in limelight


    This video remember me Ishant Sharma 🤭😆😆

  • Gulshan Kumar
    Gulshan Kumar

    One thing left is laying Down

  • Manoj P
    Manoj P

    He’s literally doing garba. Will be fun during Navratri festival.

  • mahesh skanth
    mahesh skanth

    Hope someone puts a music to this

  • kagaar rebel
    kagaar rebel

    Sportsman become great when they play hard and well... But they become one of the greatest when they respect each and every level of the game whether its international or national level..seems he is not really respecting this level.. A feeling of proudness is reflecting in his behaviour as if the bowlers are really lucky to bowl him... He needs to change his attitude which doesn't suit a player like his stature.... Good luck to him

  • Tejash Patel
    Tejash Patel

    When you get beaten at Gabba, this is what happens 😂

  • Rajasree Das
    Rajasree Das

    Today he was in funny mood.. And he can only make himself out.. Better luck champ😀

  • Pauline Bowen
    Pauline Bowen

    Just so everyone seeing this knows, he gets out for seven nicked to slip off something like 50 balls lol. This innings can be broken down into 40 odd pirouette spin leaves and just a few scoring shots lol. Annoying thing is when the bowler bowls it straight, thinking they can bowl or trap him in front he somehow drills it through the offside every time.

  • adiiyer

    One of these days he is going to fart while turning his back to the bowler.

  • Kshitish

    Good strategy to poke the bowler'S mindset MR SMITH..

  • Stalwart Saran
    Stalwart Saran

    New word : idiosyncratic. Lol

  • chirag khandelwal
    chirag khandelwal

    Did he get out ?

  • Aurojit Behera
    Aurojit Behera

    Man look at the SCG pitch. Perfect pitch made for a fair amount of contest between bat and ball. I don't know why in Sheffield Shield pitches are better..

  • manik baashha
    manik baashha

    Getting ready fr ipl auction 🎉🎉😂😂😂

  • Manoj Peddakonda
    Manoj Peddakonda

    If I get a chance to bowl, I would get him out in the first ball

  • Manoj Peddakonda
    Manoj Peddakonda

    Half crack😂😂

  • Hardil Dave
    Hardil Dave

    2k likes from Labuschagne

  • S8_35_Sahil Kshirsagar
    S8_35_Sahil Kshirsagar

    Non striker being " Hughes"😖

  • Sats

    All this for 7 runs...ignorable when he gets a 100..or else looks funny!

  • BC S
    BC S

    He got out on 7 next over 😀

  • Mohnish Singh
    Mohnish Singh

    Is he autistic?

  • freddie

    That footwork is reminiscent of Muhammad Ali

  • mohan lal
    mohan lal

    He is a semi crack for sure....Not at all to be surprised if CA asks Smith to do a break dance during one of these leaves so that they can make a lot out of it ...

  • Bharat Malla
    Bharat Malla

    I think his overacting got him out early today :P :P

  • Rohan Gonugade
    Rohan Gonugade

    Overconfidence at his best.......

  • Lingraj Kumbhar
    Lingraj Kumbhar

    I think he not comes for playing cricket He just comes for his dance steps😁😁

  • Bharat Pasupureddi
    Bharat Pasupureddi

    Smith very funny batting style 😂😂😁

  • Somyajeet Panda
    Somyajeet Panda

    He will teach Earth how to rotate perfectly😆

  • LeviTheMuffDvr

    2 big lines before you go out too bat and this is what happens 😂😂

  • The Poppin Tamang
    The Poppin Tamang

    For sure Marnus will try this in Australia's next test series 😂

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh

    Read the name of nonstriker it's "Hughes" .... Is it phill Hughes?

  • Ajinkya Maldikar
    Ajinkya Maldikar

    he is such an absolute joker idiot!

  • NM 2024
    NM 2024

    Once a cheater always a cheater... Psychopath

  • Ashutosh Kasalkar
    Ashutosh Kasalkar

    Someone please put MJ's music over this 🤪🤪

  • theHitmanSHOW

    Rohit sharma fans subscribe my chennal

  • cric g
    cric g

    Bring jofra than see


    Finally....A word for his weird actions 😂😂😅

  • Chat2090

    I think he would be a good dancer

  • N TAMIL Indian
    N TAMIL Indian

    Iyyo loosu

  • Arctic Martian
    Arctic Martian

    Looks like hes auditioning for the next star wars movie 🙄

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    Bowlers : Working hard Smith : "Yaha pawri ho rahi hai"

  • sush koli
    sush koli

    Someone give this man the dancing shoes...

  • Santosh kumar Sahoo 2047
    Santosh kumar Sahoo 2047

    Worst cricketer ever according to sportsmanship


    I think after defeat in gabba against India, aus player are facing mental issues 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Parag Gupta
    Parag Gupta

    sandpaper smith, cheater and idiot steve smith

  • Adithian Ajith
    Adithian Ajith

    My mom seeing this ;’what the **** is this kid doing?’