Third-gamer Perry's elite build-up to Smith wicket | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2020-21
Mitch Perry, just in his third Marsh Sheffield Shield game for Victoria, was rewarded for a terrific passage of swing bowling to NSW's Steve Smith with one of the most prized wickets in world cricket

  • Ebran Ansari
    Ebran Ansari

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  • Anupam Shekhawat
    Anupam Shekhawat

    Sachin was right about 5 stump line to him

  • Prasoon Prabhakar
    Prasoon Prabhakar

    Show off and over confidence...!!!

  • Srinivas Goud
    Srinivas Goud

    Whom was the Joke ON?

  • All About The Fish
    All About The Fish

    Smith is such a weirdo

  • Manju IC
    Manju IC

    This is cringeworthy, most ugliest with no style or charm, disgusting to watch him play, absolutely no elegance, he never respects good bowling, when he miscues or gets out, acts as if he made a big mistake, probably he is too up himself. His technique is now very weak, just can’t stand his theatrics, and yet he thinks he is innocent when gets caught, once a grate player but poor human being

  • Nitish singh
    Nitish singh

    Aur dikale kartab teri inhi harkaton ki vjah se 2 crore mein bika hai tu chutiye

  • Deep Deep
    Deep Deep

    On-field cheerleader.

  • Jitendra Prasad
    Jitendra Prasad

    Irritating when he leaves the ball ( no hate)

  • Himanshu Gadhvi
    Himanshu Gadhvi

    Pant line perfect sit here :- ball ghomega to ye jomega 😂😂

  • Siddharth YT - Pheonix OS
    Siddharth YT - Pheonix OS

    Who wants ...perry get a cap in Australia 11...

  • shreyas srinivasan
    shreyas srinivasan

    The ugliest batsman ive seen

  • mern walling
    mern walling

    Eat that!

  • mantaray2511

    That was Russell Arnold I heard on commentary 'defineetly' 😃

  • Thilak Kumara
    Thilak Kumara

    Smith,you are funny 😀😀batsman

  • venkadesh rajan
    venkadesh rajan

    Overconfident let him down

  • dhaval solani
    dhaval solani

    Lol. Bat properly. What's this non sense he and loose bus change keep doing at the crease

  • Kavita kosh
    Kavita kosh

    स्मिथ एक अच्छा बल्लेबाज हो सकता है लेकिन एक महान बल्लेबाज कभी नहीं बनेगा हां एक महान जोकर जरूर बन सकता है

  • Ujwal Ajjaguttu
    Ujwal Ajjaguttu

    Please ugh change the mic quality

  • Aritram Dhar
    Aritram Dhar


  • Manoj Peddakonda
    Manoj Peddakonda

    Hi ipl franchises plz don't buy Steve Smith, we don't want to see his bullshit batting and attitude and actions in IPL

  • Manoj Peddakonda
    Manoj Peddakonda

    Good bowling

  • anurag verma
    anurag verma

    That was great bowling. Cherish this for rest of your life

  • Vicky wadhwa
    Vicky wadhwa

    Smith...may be the most ugly looking batsmen (technique vise) but still one of the best in world cricket💪💪

  • Syed Rashid Ali
    Syed Rashid Ali

    Smith Batting karra tha ya Dance 😂

  • Mahbubul Alam
    Mahbubul Alam

    Smith putting ballerinas to Shame

  • mohan lal
    mohan lal

    Smith seems a semi crack...

  • Rajat Garg
    Rajat Garg

    Seems like Smith needs Itchguard😂😂

  • Gurbakhshish Singh
    Gurbakhshish Singh

    If only he can get his focus back on batting rather than dancing around like an idiot...its funny for a while and then it's just annoying.

  • Jordan JV
    Jordan JV

    Why do I feel like Russell is doing commentary??

  • Nisha Govil
    Nisha Govil

    0:20 When you are Steve Smith so your 7 run innings also gets a 1 minute special highlight

  • sachin rawat
    sachin rawat

    How many no bowl ?

  • Real Crunchy
    Real Crunchy

    Smith rarely gets caught behind to, so great bowling

  • Ajinkya Maldikar
    Ajinkya Maldikar

    SMITH = hands down the ugliest ever batting technique of a undoubtedly top class batsmen ever

  • Debesh Kumar Bagar
    Debesh Kumar Bagar

    Smith =play in style Bowler =Chal Benstoke 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Indrajit Baul
    Indrajit Baul

    It's takes a stupendous bowling performance to get Smith out. Coming from a man who never liked any cricketers other than Indians


    Their mental health is not looking good after gabba loss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    I don't know what is he doing on the pitch. probably dancing 😂


    What a set-up

  • Syedfara Media
    Syedfara Media

    Loved him, Fan wd his skills

  • Tanmim Ahmed
    Tanmim Ahmed


    • Tanmim Ahmed
      Tanmim Ahmed

      Yeah he's cool

  • Vishal

    Yeah boy, the dancing doesnt works always.

  • Ruchaka Mendis
    Ruchaka Mendis

    Dance smith dance 💃 🎶

  • Mani Files
    Mani Files

    When u cant get over INDIAN BOWLERS😁🤣😎

  • Orko Bhaduri
    Orko Bhaduri

    Well bowled, Mitch Perry. Hopefully Indian Pacers dominate against him in the future

  • Amit Pawar
    Amit Pawar

    Over smart smith😁

  • Senthilkumar Seetharaman
    Senthilkumar Seetharaman

    Swing at both ends 😁😁

  • Rahul Jawa
    Rahul Jawa

    Honestly it looks that Smith was not interested in getting runs here. He was behaving weirdly

  • m c
    m c

    Smith needs attention

  • Aurojit Behera
    Aurojit Behera

    Russell Arnold is commentating?? ¿

  • Shahmi Anas
    Shahmi Anas

    Should definitely look at this guy for tours to England NZ and SA where conditions are overcast. Australia could do with a genuine swing bowler, their current bowling needs a bit of a spice up.

    • Shahmi Anas
      Shahmi Anas

      Agree with your point on Starc. I think the fact that he is a left armer is what I'd giving him the nod most of the time. Jhye Richardson isn't a genuine swing bowler though he's skiddy and sharp.... gets the ball to shape away on a good day occasionally. Genuine swing bowlers are like Chad Sayers and Michael Neser. This kid Perry seems good too. They should utilise these guys like England do on a rotation basis more often.

    • Ayush Raj
      Ayush Raj

      Australia also need to find a replacement of Starc who can bowl yorkers and clear tailenders ....But I pray to God that Starc makes a strong comeback (which seems unlikely at the moment).

    • Ayush Raj
      Ayush Raj

      Jhye Richardson is also a good swing bowler

  • Rishabh

    So annoying, those leaves.

  • Ashish chaudhary
    Ashish chaudhary

    Smith should be an actress with item songs😂😂..He can swing his belly very well😂😂

  • Anurag

    more like the ball leaving Steve Smith alone with his weird dance moves

  • In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
    In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic

    That was a dream ball, had to be played defensively and managed to nudge the kiss of death

    • In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
      In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic

      @Narendra u ask any cricketer out there. u have to play that line...yes wld have been a good leave but 19/20 times a batsman will play that. A little inswing the stumps wld be rearranged

    • Real Crunchy
      Real Crunchy

      @Narendra It was on the perfect line pitched on 4th stump and swung just enough, perfect outswinger

    • Narendra

      No, it was a good seed yes, but smith could've easily left it, since the ball wasnt threatening his stumps at all.

  • Dollar sign one time
    Dollar sign one time

    Smith almost walked without nicking the ball

  • S K
    S K

    Fall of Smith and rise of Labuchagne👑

  • Greyesh Salmon
    Greyesh Salmon

    Not sure who is swinging here? Ball or Smith?😉

  • raj jha
    raj jha

    This spell has reminded me of Ishant Sharma to Ricky Ponting.

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest

    Steve Smith the new ballerina?

  • Kavish khan
    Kavish khan

    This guy shows us how to set a trap for smith

    • Real Crunchy
      Real Crunchy

      Smith rareley gets caught behind

  • Rajshree Hada
    Rajshree Hada

    Good swinging balls

  • I love Mr and Mrs Big Car
    I love Mr and Mrs Big Car

    The one time I’m happy Smith gets out

  • Mishra Sagun
    Mishra Sagun

    I thought he might be dancing again while returning to the pavilion 😂😂😂😂

    • Mishra Sagun
      Mishra Sagun

      @Gracious Proximity absolutely 😂😂

    • Gracious Proximity
      Gracious Proximity

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and until next innings he will keep doing that right??

  • Giant Sleeping Bear
    Giant Sleeping Bear

    Expect to see the parks on Saturday full of cricket ballerinas.

  • SaM SaM
    SaM SaM

    Its a shame for someone who scores so many runs, to look like a joker on crease.


    England - Dying India - Fighting Australia - Praying New Zealand - Chilling 😎 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Narmadh P
      Narmadh P

      @preetham V18yb nah I was saying about the praying stuff

    • preetham V18yb
      preetham V18yb

      @Narmadh P they have chance depends on the results of Ind and eng

    • Narmadh P
      Narmadh P

      I think Australia won’t be praying coz they pulled out from the proteas test right 🧐🧐


    It would be even more funny if Smith unfortunately hit the stumps while doing him trademark moves 😀

    • Mansukh Jhandi
      Mansukh Jhandi


  • nipun vats
    nipun vats

    After the ashes , Smith's form and batting is not consistent in test cricket

    • Real Crunchy
      Real Crunchy

      He had the highest average from the last Test series against India

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook

    Smith got out on purpose just to encourage this kid

    • Gracious Proximity
      Gracious Proximity


  • Franklin Jeno
    Franklin Jeno

    Who are all eagerly waiting for Ipl auction 💪💪🔥🔥

  • David Knowles
    David Knowles

    Aussie batsman need to respect swing even in 1st class level. That’s the reason why they get rolled by Countries who have 2 world class swing bowlers in their team such as India, England & SAF. Pathetic really Smith “the worlds best Test batsman” out for 7 in 1st class cricket.

  • Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma

    Perry be like - Modern Bradman my arse.

    • Devansh Pandey
      Devansh Pandey

      He's not like you that's not the way to disrespect legend

  • Anwer Khan KPK
    Anwer Khan KPK

    He is Mad ???

  • Motivation for life
    Motivation for life

    What Russel Arnold doing there ?☺️

  • nikkkhil kumar
    nikkkhil kumar

    Overacting in those follow-through

  • nikkkhil kumar
    nikkkhil kumar


  • Aayush Lamsal
    Aayush Lamsal

    Josh Inglish hasn't been picked for T20I squad and the best thing about that is he will be available in Shiefield and hopefully gets plenty of runs this season and pushes for that Keeper role. Rishabh Pant showed the importance of an aggressive wk batsman and who better than Gilly has done it till now? Inglis is the best keeper Australia has and can be the best of all keepers Australia have at the moment even batting wise.

  • kartik kumar
    kartik kumar

    Those leaves😂😂😂😂

  • Irtifa Irshad
    Irtifa Irshad

    He was in some extra movement. He does less on international circuit.

  • Lokesh Sahu
    Lokesh Sahu

    Man those exaggerated leave 😂

  • bala krishna
    bala krishna

    Australians walk in their domestic cricket if they edge. Surprising

  • sai prakash Pabbineedi
    sai prakash Pabbineedi

    I think he is even thinking about how to trap steve smith in dreams also he never left that out channel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Arctic Martian
    Arctic Martian

    Smith trying to get a contract for Dancing with the Stars 🙄

    • Gracious Proximity
      Gracious Proximity


  • glamour boy
    glamour boy

    How is he the best test batsman? Give me 3 balls and ill get him out😴

    • Gracious Proximity
      Gracious Proximity


  • Ameya Shetty
    Ameya Shetty

    tf is a third gamer??


    russel arnold is commentatating

  • madushan hashan
    madushan hashan

    Russell arnold 😮

  • Harish exuberance
    Harish exuberance

    Smith is dancing too much😂😂🔥

  • Gokul KS
    Gokul KS

    Theatricality and deception are the best ways to tackle your foes - Batman 2005

    • Gokul KS
      Gokul KS

      @Gracious Proximity of course we are bro, of course we are

    • Gracious Proximity
      Gracious Proximity

      There you are 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and bowlers - BUT WE ARE INITIATED, DONT WE? 🙂🙂

  • D Mat
    D Mat

    Why TF is russel arnold commentating in aus domestic games 🤨??

    • D Mat
      D Mat

      Really ?? Like with family n stuff or is it just a commentary stint ?

    • Sankara Rameswaran
      Sankara Rameswaran

      Russell Arnold has settled in Australia

    • shreyas mahendra
      shreyas mahendra

      Ikr exactly what I was thinking

  • भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां
    भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां

    जो 🌱 जो 🌱 अपने खूबसूरत आंखो से मेरा कमेंट पढ़़ रहा है भगवान करे उसके माता jiिता की उम्र लंबी हो जाए माँ जग

  • भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां
    भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां

    जो 🌱 जो 🌱 अपने खूबसूरत आंखो से मेरा कमेंट पढ़़ रहा है भगवान करे उसके माता jiिता की उम्र लंबी हो जाए छढ

  • भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां
    भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां

    जो 🌱 जो 🌱 अपने खूबसूरत आंखो से मेरा कमेंट पढ़़ रहा है भगवान करे उसके माता jiिता की उम्र लंबी हो जाए तड

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    Fun fact (For Smith): When you wanted to be a Shuffle Dancer but parents forced you to become a Cricketer.

  • Uday Mhaskar
    Uday Mhaskar

    Aus should look beyond starc, Hazelwood, and lyon now in bowling department.

    • Uday Mhaskar
      Uday Mhaskar

      @Narendra since his debut he has played all the matches in subcontinent Australia played. And it is not batsmans mistake who brought up paying spin at the end of the day lyon has to find way to get batsman out which he failed to do. That's why Shane Warne is gr8 bcoz he has variations in his bowling and played all format. Lyon playing only one format still not bringing value to the team. Hence Aus should look elsewhere but who will replace him, Aus haven't found world class spinner since retirement of Shane Warne. I think they lack talent who can bring that warnie factor in test cricket.

    • Narendra

      @Uday Mhaskar lyon barely gets to play in the subcontinent, moreover he has to bowl to batsmen who were born and brought on a steady diet of spin, so his job is that much more difficult. Lyon averages around 30 in india which is very , very respectable given how even murali and warne have far worse figures than him.

    • Uday Mhaskar
      Uday Mhaskar

      @Narendra u r right then why players r get droped after 2 or 3 matches failure? For example burns played magnificently in 2020 season in Australia but 4 failures against india make Aus selection committee to drop him. Same rule should apply to lyon also.

    • Uday Mhaskar
      Uday Mhaskar

      @Narendra lyon not only failed in Australia but also failed outside Australia lncluding subcontinent many times. Diff between ash and lyon is most of the time ash force batsmans to make mistake and lyon only depend one line length and batsmans mistakes. Ash played pivotol role in Indias WC win, champions trophy win. Lyon is only test player. So comparison is not good.

    • Narendra

      @Uday Mhaskar and nathon lyon cant singlehandedly win them matches, cricket is played by 11 people. Kindly keep that in mind.

  • MD. Akib Imtiaz
    MD. Akib Imtiaz

    Smith showed that Batsman can also dance in Cricket;not only fielders!!😅

  • Naan Noor
    Naan Noor

    Smith out of fam

    • Electra xD
      Electra xD

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  • Samin Haque
    Samin Haque

    Smith trying to counter swing bowling, by swinging himself.

    • SV Cricket Platz
      SV Cricket Platz


    • Humanist Guy
      Humanist Guy

      😂😂😂 So true

    • Nooman Farooq
      Nooman Farooq


    • Electra xD
      Electra xD

      Friend I have opened 100 crates of Draco AK in my channel Pls watch the video and provide feedback for future vidz


    Over acting