Webb, McGrath star as Scorpions upset Queensland | WNCL 2021
Tahlia McGrath produced an impressive allround display before Courtney Webb scored an unbeaten 51 to steer South Australia to an eight-wicket win against Queensland at Allan Border Field

  • Millind Varma
    Millind Varma

    I am super duper impressed by the bowling by women in this game. Usually the spinners start giving freebees in the form of fulltoss or too much flight but in this game the bowling was quality. I sincerely felt not a huge difference between men and women's cricket in this match. Only a little difference in pace of the innings could be observed. Rest all it was a high class match. The strides countries like Australia and England are taking on improving the game intrinsically is really a good sign. This match was far better than the T10 league or Canada T20 league played by men.

  • Giant Sleeping Bear
    Giant Sleeping Bear

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  • lakshmi narasimhan S
    lakshmi narasimhan S

    Dooley set it up before Webb capitalized on it

  • Ashay Khare
    Ashay Khare

    no one watches this why do they keep uploading boring tournaments

    • I Love Cricket!
      I Love Cricket!

      Bruh u just watched this... Also there are people who want to watch it

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    Rajiv Calla


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    free fire gamers

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    Divya Prajapati

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    Attaullah Khosa

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    nilam upadhyay

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      Satyam Raj


  • भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां
    भगवान bhojpuri world शीतला मां

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    Gamer Shruti

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  • बीनू राव,करौली
    बीनू राव,करौली

    I full support all world woman cricket Team,,, and love you

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      Shaurya Chaudhary

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      JoshGaming90 [JoshyMcSquashy]

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    • Divya Prajapati
      Divya Prajapati


  • The Darkman
    The Darkman

    About time Bigboobs McGrath put up an all round performance. Not many all rounder slots in the national team up for grabs. The only certainties are Perry, Molineux, Gardner & the selectors are determined to turn Sutherland into an all rounder.

    • Millind Varma
      Millind Varma

      Bro why insult a girl on her body part? Its natural to them. Breasts are the reason you got nutrition when you were born. Do not shame anyone anywhere or do that to the women in your home.

  • Chett OMara
    Chett OMara

    Great job Webb and McGrath

    • Chett OMara
      Chett OMara

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  • n7fty

    Yay go red team! Lol

  • GK plus
    GK plus

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  • GK plus
    GK plus

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      Lucas Is fat

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    Chicken McFlurry

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